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Linden Millwood

Bringing an elevated perspective to the art of possibility™

A serial entrepreneur at the intersection of ministry, business, and social ventures.

Linden Millwood is a visionary leader with a heart for humanity. His wisdom and qualifications contribute to his understanding of people, engage diverse subject matters, and connect with his audience in translating spiritual truths to transform lives, businesses, and organizations.

Keynote Speaker


The LIM Leadership Academy introduces you to a customizable collection of ground-breaking principles and high-level thought-leadership that challenges today’s leaders to think, strategize, collaborate, and innovate.


The leadership program encompasses The Human First Principle™ with the philosophy of People, People, People. THFP primarily is a multi-disciplinary approach that informs our day-to-day decisions and corresponding actions.


An intentional journey to synthesize and integrate the practice of nobility in the understanding of the intrinsic human value and how it can influence us to embrace and practice The Human First Principle™


While this principle focuses on three significant spheres of influence, its application can be integrated into many domains as government and politics, education, healthcare, banking, and application to technological advancements.

Join us today and be a catalyst for change

By partnering with LIM & Company integrating The Human-First Principle (THFP)™, you are impacting the lives of millions globally. Join the force of human beings, not human doing.